Paul Nicaj, Neat Krkuti, & Chef Dino have teamed up to create Times Square’s best Italian Restaurant In NYC.

Chef Dino Redzic, Paul Nicaj and Nick Krkuti Pauls On Time Square

Paul Nicaj

Name sake, is a legend in the New York City hospitality industry. Born of Albanian parents in Montenegro, Paul Nicaj immigrated to the United States in 1968 with the dream of making it big in the hospitality industry.

Nicaj launched his career by working at The Plaza Hotel, for the next twenty-eight years, Pierre Hotel for six  years and now owning an interest in more than a dozen NYC restaurants, heading a hospitality army of more than seven hundred employees. 

Princess Diana teamed up with the famous New York City restauranteur  to create a whimsical afternoon tea at the Plaza.  The “Princess Diana Tea” was a huge hit, showcasing Paul’s innovation and the Plaza’s elegance.

Paul authored “Uncle Pauls” which is staple in the world of restaurants.

Dino Redzic

Chef Dino Redzic

Chef Dino Redzic’s ascent from Montenegro to the pinnacle of New York City’s culinary scene is a story of passion and perseverance.  He crafts authentic Italian cuisine at Paul’s on Times Square, where each dish is a testament to their collective dedication to freshness and tradition.

Chef journey, marked by a deep reverence for culinary excellence, began well before the neon glow of Times Square. His tenure in renowned kitchens taught him not just the craft, but the very essence of gastronomy, which he now expresses through his unique culinary offerings.

Celebrity Chef Dino has appeared on many tv cooking shows. Dino In The News.


Earning recognition as a leader within the esteemed James Beard Foundation, Dino’s experiences with culinary legends laid the groundwork for the creation of the gastronomic gem, Paul’s on Times Square.

Chef Dino Redzic is a culinary innovator, blending Italian heritage with global flavors. His career spans from Montenegro to New York’s finest venues, leading to successful restaurants like Amici Amore and Butcher Bros. Steakhouse. At Paul’s on Times Square, his dishes reflect New York’s diversity. With a history of collaboration with top chefs and his own ventures, Chef Dino’s latest project, Uncle Paul’s Hospitality Group, continues his legacy of excellence in dining.



    Nick Krkuti

    Since the late 1980’s Pizza Consseiuer and entrepreneur Neat Krkuti has owned and operated dozens of pizzerias and restaurants throughout the tri-state area. Neat’s expertise in this field has put him at the consulting front of many success stories. Neat has single-handedly opened various neighborhood pizzerias throughout Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. With his knowledge in the field, he can easily guide a client in the right direction when starting a new business. Not only does Neat have a background in food and beverage but he has also owned and operated construction management business’ which put his skills to use when building new shops from scratch. With decades of experience, Neat is well versed in every aspect of the business and is an asset to Uncle Paul’s Hospitality Group. Neat has successfully launched Not Ray’s Pizza in 1991, located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. 

    Accolades and Achievements


    James Beard Foundation Leadership

    Chef Dino served as the head of the prestigious James Beard Foundation, showcasing his leadership and culinary expertise.


    Celebrity Chef Award

    Recognized for his appearances on numerous TV shows, Chef Dino received the Celebrity Chef Award for his contributions to the culinary world.


    Best Italian Restaurant

    Under the guidance of Chef Dino, Pauls On Times Square was awarded the Best Italian Restaurant in New York City.